Since 1999, the Intensive Training Program of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (ITP), with the rudimental characteristics of "Business Plus", was jointly built by School of Management and Chu Kochen Honors College at Zhejiang University. ITP advocates the Innovation-based Entrepreneurship (IBE) with an integration of "Management + Scientific and Technological Innovation + Entrepreneurship". The launch of ITP made ZJU a pioneer of systematic entrepreneurship education in China and the program achieved the first prize of National Teaching Achievement Award for Higher Education in 2019.

After years of exploration, the School officially put forward "Business Plus " talent cultivation concept in 2017, striving to cultivate senior management talents and business leaders through interdisciplinary integration as encapsulated in its mission.

In the middle of 2019, the "Business Plus" education ecosystem was basically formed.
Milestone of "Business Plus"
In 2012, ZJU-SOM launched the Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Program (GMSCM) in cooperation with Desautels Faculty of Management of McGill University in Canada. At the core of the program is the idea of "Business + Manufacturing" and the program targets at managers and entrepreneurs from manufacturing, producer services, and logistics industries.