Research Institutes
  • Institute for Management Science and Information System+
  • Institute for Management Engineering+
  • Institute for Marketing+
  • Institute for Enterprise Investment+
  • Institute for Organization And Strategy+
  • Institute of Tourism+

    The Institute of Tourism was founded in 1980, and was originally based at Hangzhou University. It is the first university-level tourism research institute in China. The institute is particularly strong in the areas of tourism economics, tourism planning, tourism resource management, tourism sustainability development, tourism entrepreneur management, tourism sociology, and tourism psychology research.

    The institute is very productive in academic publications. It has produced more than 200 journal articles, 30 books, and more than 20 research projects. Meanwhile, it has also been active in social service. By far, the institute has conducted more than 400 consultancy projects. Furthermore, the institute has established a strong international connection in research collaboration, degree programs and student exchange programs with over 30 universities worldwide, including The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, University of Surrey, University of Hawaii at Mānoa, Texas A&M University, and Temple University.

  • Institute of Hospitality Management+

    The Institute of Hospitality Management conducts research about the hospitality industry and hotel management. It aims to enhance the theoretical development for the hospitality research and the competiveness of China’s hospitality industry.

    The institute was founded in 1980s, and has conducted more than 100 research projects, translated a series of international textbooks, and produced more than 120 academic publications, including the first lot of hospitality management textbooks for both the undergraduate and master degree levels.

    Meanwhile, the institute has also actively participated in social service. It has provided more than 150 consultancy projects for chained hotels and individual hotels. It has also continuously provided training service for hotel managers since 1991. In the past three decades, the institute offered 45 training programs for over 4000 general managers coming from different parts of China including Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong Province. Furthermore, the institute participated in more than 50 hotels’ establishment and management, which brought significant social and economic benefits to the local community.

  • Institute of Leisure Management+

    The Institute of Leisure Management concentrates on the studies and practice of tourism real estate, resorts management, leisure oriented tourism planning, leisure behavior, leisure policy and management, and leisure psychology.

    Members in the institute have been productive in both research and social service. They have conducted more than 10 research projects, published four pieces of SSCI journal articles, dozens of articles in Mandarin, and eight books. With its industry connection, the institute has been in charge of more than 100 consultancy projects. It is also well linked with international research organizations and has some joint-programs for PhD students.

  • Institute for Logistics And Decision Optimization+
  • Institute for Human Resources+