Program Overview

As one of the China’s first universities for EMBA education approved by in 2002 by the Chinese government, the ZJU EMBA program is geared to the needs of senior executives with rich management experiences from private sector who are the leading force of flourishing the private enterprises. Over 80% students enrolled are coming from private sectors and holding high positions at director-level and above. Our EMBA program is ranked #6 nationwide by The Manager 2015 ranking.

Program Portfolio
  • Duration

  • Two years with a maximum of extension of five years.


  • Curriculum

  • The ZJU EMBA curriculum is carefully planned to cover all the business fundamentals, while expanding students’ understanding of the whole organization, eventually building to complex decisions at an organizational level. The core is followed by a set of advanced management courses and courses in chosen area of focus. In addition, the students are required to complete an independent study project supervised by ZJU professors, making the program uniquely valuable to students as well as organization. 


  • The EMBA Modularized Curriculum Layout



  • Mode of Study

  • We have two enrollments per year, which are in Fall and in Spring, respectively. The mode of study is part-time to suit a variety of work schedules. Concentrated in four school days (Thursday-Sunday) per month, ZJU-EMBA programs offer executive-friendly formats to make it convenient and accessible for busy professionals and business owners.


  • Diversified Learning Methods

  • Our programs adopt a hands-on approach to real-world training and students complete the programs via an innovative experiential learning process that combines various teaching methods.

  • Lectures:  We offer students the opportunity to learn the latest in management theory and techniques from some of the finest minds in the academic world.

  • Experience-sharing:  Outstanding entrepreneurs, policy makers and opinion leaders are invited to deliver keynote speeches that allow students to integrate the latest insights and practices in management.

  • Case studies, workshops and simulation games:  The innovative learning process enables students to simulate “real life” situations and to foster their analytical and action-oriented decision-making capabilities.

  • Teamwork:  As the core of our teaching methodology, teamwork allows experience sharing among peers and students learn how to collectively prioritize, decide and deliver various course assignments.

  • Practical application:  In accordance with their career paths, students choose the topic for a capstone project that allows them to bring into use their learning and skills to solve real world problems. The project will be presented orally to a jury with a Q & A session.

Our Participants

Our programs have attracted high-potential participants accross the country and the world that represent a wide spectrum of industries and sectors, though most of our students are based in Yangtze River Delta, a region which is best known for entrepreneurship and innovation. Over 30% of our students are entrepreneurs or business owners. 70% of our students are based in private businesses or private holding companies, and many of them hold senior managerial positions (e.g. board chair, CEO, general manager).

Admission Procedures

Our programs enroll students with college education and work experience of eight years or above and a minimum of four years in management positions, while there is no specific requirement for professions or industries.

According to the requirements established by the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council, the school organizes entrance examination. The Committee of EMBA Entrance Examination adopts written tests to assess candidates’ general knowledge on management and general competences consisting of three parts, English, quantitative and logic. The admission interview panel consists of three to six professors and business executives. The interview evaluates the applicant’s performance from five perspectives, which are management knowledge, communication skills, logic and analytical skills, insights and critical thinking ability. The applicant’s final score is weighed and added up by 30% eligibility check, 30% examination, 40% interview.

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