Global Entrepreneurship Program

       The Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP) was a unique program, originally co-founded in 2009 by Zhejiang University School of Management (China, Asia), Babson College (USA, North America), and EMLYON Business School (France, Europe). The GEP aligns perfectly with the mission of the School to cultivate global, innovative, entrepreneurial and responsible leaders who better the world. Partners jointly develop the curriculum. Students focus on the entrepreneurial process and practice action-oriented tools in different business and economic contexts. The students will successively take a-year-long program in the three parties together.  

  •  Focus on entrepreneurship education

  •  Across three continents: Asia, North America and Europe

  • Global consulting projects in three countries

  • Deep interaction with students from more than 20 countries, stimulating entrepreneurial inspiration

  •  A variety of extracurricular activities

Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

The Master in Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Program (GMSCM) is a double-degree program co-founded by two renowned academic institutes: McGill University (Canada) and Zhejiang University (China). The students who have completed GMSCM program will be awarded with both an MBA degree from Zhejiang University and a Master degree of Management from McGill University. The Program is targeting at high-potential managers in manufacturing, producer services and logistics industries.

  • Double-degree program; part-time study

  • Scholarship provided by Zhejiang University, McGill University and Strategic Partners

  • English-taught program; half courses delivered by McGill professors

  • World-wide alumni network; Outstanding classmates

  • Overseas summer school in McGill campus

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