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        "Idea Explorer" Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global Summer Camp @ SOM-ZJU is a unique three-week program which offers participants an opportunity to understand the entrepreneurial China in one of China's most dynamic growth areas.

        Combined fieldwork with courses, the program encourages participants to observe and learn from the real business settings via company visits, networking events with entrepreneurs and tours searching for business opportunities. By the end of the program, they will be required to create their own China business initiative and present it to the final judges as part of their assessment.

        The curriculum is well designed covering different facets of "entrepreneurship" including the cultural issue, the economic issue, the marketing issue as well as specific areas such as intellectual property and big data. Cultural immersion sessions are offered throughout the program, participants will be able to experience how to speak, write, and dress like a Chinese.

        The 2019 Summer Camp will be scheduled from June 17 to July 5, 2019. It is now open for application. Check our brochure for more details of the program.

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 The application deadline is March 15, 2019.

Program Cost

From Partner
From Non-partner
Application Fee                   600 RMB                   600 RMB
Tuition                   Waived                   6,000 RMB
Accommodation                   4,000 RMB                   4,000 RMB
Visits and Activities (company visits/cultural immersion/networking)                   2,200 RMB                   2,200 RMB
Total                   6,800 RMB                   12,800 RMB

  • Notes: (please read the following before applying)


  • 1. The definition of partner university and non-partner university is determined by School of Management and Zhejiang University based on mutual agreements and MOUs.


  • 2. What's included: all academic lectures and course materials, all visits and activities fee including company visits, cultural immersion sessions, networking events and travel expenses incurred accordingly. The application fee covers expenses supporting visa application, international student registration and other logistic costs.


  • 3. What's not included: meals are not included in the package. It does not include expenses for the Optional Weekend Trip. Participants shall also be responsible for travel fees from and to their home country and application fee for a Chinese visa.


  • 4. Participants are required to buy adequate medical insurance covering their period of stay in China.


  • 5. Standard twin room will be offered for accommodation. Facilities include hot shower, air-conditioning, internet access, 24-hour front desk, laundry room etc.


  • 6. Refund appeals will NOT be accepted after May 10, 2019. Application Fee is non-refundable. Accommodation is booked in advance and cancelation policy from the third party may apply.


How to Apply



College students with basic business/economic knowledge, proficient English language skills.


How to Apply

Applicants from partner universities please apply to your home institution and nominations will be submitted through university coordinator. All applicants shall provide following documents and email them to in due course.

Application check list

- A complete Application Form

"Idea Explorer" Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global Summer Camp @ SOM-ZJU Application.doc

- A copy of your resumé

- A copy of your passport ID page

- A passport-sized photo



Admission and confirmation

Accepted participants will receive a confirmation email from International Accreditation and Cooperation Office and a link to pay the program fee. Upon receiving the email participants shall finish payment within 5 working days. Otherwise we may assume that you would not like to proceed with your application.


Travel Information

Admission and confirmation

Accepted participants will receive a confirmation email from International Accreditation and Cooperation Office and a link to pay the program fee. Upon receiving the email participants shall finish payment within 5 working days. Otherwise we may assume that you would not like to proceed with your application.

Admission Letter and Welcome Kit

Once we have received and confirmed your payment we will send a formal Admission Letter for you to process your visa, and a Welcome Kit that will help you prepare your living in Hangzhou and Zhejiang University.


Chinese VISA

All accepted applicants may apply for an X2 (short-term) student visa. For more information about Chinese visa application please visit:


Book your flight to Hangzhou

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is the major airline hub in the region and provides direct flight service to many international destinations such as France (Paris), USA (Los Angeles, San Francisco), Thailand, Australia (Sydney), Japan, Korea, Malaysia, India, Singapore, the Netherlands, ect.. For more information about Hangzhou Xiaoshan International airport please check the website at


Student Experience
  • Alford Sibanda, South African, '16 Graduate

    “A once in a lifetime opportunity, which left me striving for more. The entire program gave a new-dawn understanding of China, from the socio-cultural to the entrepreneurial. The company visits gave an insight into how business and entrepreneurships work in China compared to other parts of the world. They showed the potential that they possess to dominate the global market. The cultural visits, in turn gave a brief history on how the brilliant city of Hangzhou had a profound impact on modern China.”

  • Adam Oskarsson, Sweden, '16 Graduate

    “Fantastic 3 weeks, with helpful and cheerful professors, mentors and volunteers. The survival china lectures were probably among the most fun lectures, and the ordinary lectures provided good knowledge with great importance for entrepreneurship. Among the best regions I have ever been to, with nice people and much to explore and see. The West Lake and the surroundings is one unique experience!”

  • Kylie Rowe, USA, '15 Graduate

     "Hangzhou is known for being one of the fastest growing startup hubs in China and what brings the most credibility to this location is the headquarters of the billion-dollar business, Alibaba and its famously known CEO, Jack Ma- a native of Hangzhou. The Summer School program provided many learning opportunities, but of the most important were the real world tours of Entrepreneurship in China." 

  • Ash, Tyndall, Australia, '15 Graduate
    "The connections alone I have created here will be very helpful for future opportunities in China. The course itself has helped paint a realistic picture of the state of China and the potential for entrepreneurial opportunities therein." 

  • Johanna Ojeling, Sweden, '14 Graduate
    "I especially enjoyed the Survival Chinese lessons as well as the opportunity to approach Chinese culture by trying calligraphy and painting. What I appreciated the most, however, was the enthusiasm and guidance from the friendly staff at the School of Management and the accommodating Chinese student volunteers." 

  • Hadi Hammoudeh Gonzalez, Spain, '14 Graduate
    "Highlighting what were the best moments on my days in China is not an easy task, as every single experience is worth telling. However, probably the best moments in this Summer Course for me were the lectures delivered to us, which provide me with a very good perspective of where China is at present time and where it could potentially be in the long term." 

  • Sophie Ben Taieb, UK, '13 Graduate
    "I would like to thank you and everyone else involved in the Summer School, including entrepreneurs, lecturers and mentors… I had a fantastic experience! I found the entire trip insightful, interesting and fun and will definitely be recommending it to other students."

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