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International Exchange Programs
Program Overview

The School of Management provides students with a variety of overseas exchange opportunities, such as semester-long exchange programs, summer/winter schools, joint supervision, joint programs, double degree programs, joint research, overseas internships, international academic competitions, international academic conferences and overseas study tours. The main exchange programs include the following:

  • Semester-long Exchange Programs. Each year the School accommodates a number of outgoing and incoming exchange students in semester-long exchange programs jointly with various partner universities from France, UK, USA, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Taiwan and etc.

  • Joint supervision. Each year doctoral students are selected for joint doctoral thesis supervision with top universities such as University of Cambridge, Cornell University and the University of Michigan.

  • Short-term overseas programs. The students from the School are encouraged to participate in various short-term international exchange programs such as summer schools, winter schools, and international academic competitions, each taking about a couple of weeks.

  • Overseas study tours. Special overseas modules have been established in the MBA, EMBA and EDP programs. The participants have the opportunity to visit campuses in Europe and North America, such as Harvard Business School, Stanford University, University of British Columbia, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, HEC Paris and Lund University, and companies like Siemens, BMW, Volvo, Cisco, Google.

The School launched the Buddy Program for overseas exchange students in 2012, which not only helps foreign students adapt to the campus life at Zhejiang University more easily, but also provides host students with more opportunities to interact with foreign students and experience different cultures.

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Student Experience
    Incoming Students
  • Henrik Chan, from Sweden

    In general I felt that my stay in Hangzhou exceeded all my expectation and I will never regret choosing to go abroad. I have gained valuable knowledge of living and working in China, but moreover I have made friends from other countries whom I will remain in contact with.
    (2013-2014 Autumn/Winter Semester)

  • Malvina Fouridi, from the Netherlands
    I enjoyed my time at Yuquan and Zijingang campus and also the courses I attended appeared to be interesting and valuable. In general, we experienced the life at the campus as very friendly and warm. Especially the Chinese students were always friendly and very kind and helpful when we had questions.
    (2013-2014 Autumn/Winter Semester)

  • Hanna Mansson, from Sweden
    In my first weeks here at campus I was introduced to an organization on ZJU which were going to a primary school on a “volunteer-day”. The topic of the day was dreams and how we, students, could encourage the children to fulfill their dreams, “anything is possible”. I held a small speech in English which were translated into Chinese. I really appreciated this day, trying to make these kids’ day special. We do not have an organization similar to this at my home university.
    (2012-2013 Autumn/Winter Semester)

  • Amir Abdelmalak, from France
    It was a very good idea from the administration to attribute us a Chinese student to help us in our registration. It was helpful.
    (2012-2013 Autumn/Winter Semester)

Outgoing Students

  • ZENG Zhong, Undergraduate majoring in Accounting, exchanged to Germany

    The exchange semester I spent at a delicate German village beside the beautiful Rhine River, really opened my eyes and broadened my horizons. Through small-size and interactive classes, I picked up German language, and learned how to lead a team consisting of students from all over the world. Traveling to other seven countries in the Schengen Area, I shared rides with strangers, stayed at Airbnb, talked to locals, visited tremendous tourist spots, and immersed myself in diverse cultures.

    (2013-2014 Autumn/Winter Semester)

  • SUN Tianyue, Postgraduate majoring in Tourism Management, exchanged to the Netherlands

    Exchange abroad does not only mean living in a different environment, but also bring myself into thoughts with impact. Faced with culture shock, I had chances to improve myself in communication, ability of dealing with problems as well as quick adaption to new environment. If you want to experience a happy difference and know better about yourself, you will never regret joining this program.

    (2013-2014 Spring/Summer Semester)

  • SHU Yue, Undergraduate majoring in Financial Management, exchanged to The Netherlands

    We were really lucky that this year is the 100th anniversary of the receiving University so everyone enjoyed a fantastic celebration and learned a lot about the university’s history and culture. In the university, a totally new and fresh way of education pushes me to my full potential and I gained much in the academic perspective, which is definitely unforgettable.

    (2013-2014 Autumn/Winter Semester)

  • HONG Peilu, Undergraduate majoring in Accounting, exchanged to Taiwan

    I can't help saying that Taiwan is such a wonderful place. We share the same language and similar culture so I find it easy to communicate with local people. I can never forget the yummy snack and friendly people, especially my friends there.

    (2013-2014 Autumn/Winter Semester)

  • YU Yue, Undergraduate majoring in Marketing, exchanged to Taiwan

    Clash among different ideas, encounter with various kinds of people, feast on delicious foods, and sink in the vast nature! Study in Taiwan, make friends in Taiwan, eat in Taiwan, and travel in Taiwan! Enjoy Taiwan!

    (2013-2014 Autumn/Winter Semester)