2019 HKU Summer Program Successfully Held in Hong Kong

Jul 22,2019

From July 14th to 20th in 2019, organized by School of Management Zhejiang University(SOM-ZJU), a group of 34 students represented Zhejiang University had an academic trip to Faculty of Business and Economics, the University of Hong Kong (HKUFBE).


The visiting group received 3-day business administration courses at HKUFBE. The education mode of different professors brought a new experience to the students. Through brainstorming, Prof. Joseph Chan delivered the concept of T-type thinking, and explained the connotation and development of the block-chain through exerting the design thinking. Prof. Christine Chan used Wal-Mart as a case to deeply analyze the factors affected by different regions and cultures in global market. Dr. Tang Yinuo has his own unique views on strategy analysis. He took a lively discussion with the students in the real estate industry. Despite the short time, the students still learned much in different perspectives.


During the academic trip, the group also visited the Hong Kong Science Park and The Mills Fabrica-2 local venture parks. Students felt the innovative ability of Hong Kong and the perseverance of entrepreneurs. The group also had an academic exchange with the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the City University of Hong Kong. At the same time, students experienced the charm of Hong Kong universities and the enthusiasm for Zhejiang students.


The students were deeply touched throughout the visit. Xue Song, a member of the visiting group, believes that the visit is of great significance. It not only learns new professional knowledge for him, but also has a better understanding of Hong Kong's local culture. What inspired him most was the new teaching method and teaching philosophy of the University of Hong Kong. “I felt an unprecedented sense of freshness and participation. The teaching method of the University of Hong Kong is different from what I have been exposed to before. This is a new learning experience, I believe I can learn from it and apply it in the future.”

Li Tingting, another member of the group, said “For me, the most meaningful part of this visit is that I have met many outstanding teachers and students here. They are sincere, friendly, and professional. We learn from each other and communicate with each other. I also met with several students in HKU and exchange contact information with each other. I believe that after this trip, we will still keep in touch and become friends of a lifetime.”

Another student named Chu Wenhao was deeply impressed by the local innovation and entrepreneurship in Hong Kong. He was deeply impressed by the innovation and practicality of entrepreneurial youth in Hong Kong. Especially after watching the short films of entrepreneurial products and experiencing the products personally, he recognized the local entrepreneurial atmosphere in Hong Kong and said that he was also inspired by the spirits of creators in Hong Kong.

The project was carried out smoothly and ended as scheduled. On the last day, the students summarized and reported their own thoughts as a form of presentation. Everyone expressed their sincere gratitude to students and teachers in Hong Kong. The instructor Joseph Chan also expressed his high praise and affirmation to our group, and highly expectations and blessings to students. He said that this program is a process of learning from each other. He also learned a lot from the students of Zhejiang University. In the warm applause, this summer Hong Kong study program comes to a perfect ending.