ZJU students take the crown at 2019“KPMG Cup” National Top Ten Invitational Business Case Competition

Mar 06,2019

ZJU students won the champion at 2019“KMPG Cup” National Top Ten Invitational Business Case Competition at Xiamen University on March 2nd, 2019. 

Hosted by Xiamen University, with KPMG as the title sponsor, the KPMG Cup is an annual invitational business case competition that brings together undergraduates of 10 elite universities from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including Zhejiang University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Nanjing University, Nankai University, Taiwan Chengchi University, Sun Yat-sen University, Xiamen University and Chinese University of Hong Kong. ZJU was invited to participate since 2010 and has taken home the national champion for the first time.


ZJU Team “Financial Geeks” (From left to right): LIU Xunzi, LIU Yuhan, REN Yiming, ZHAO Xin

Standing out from nine other teams from top universities in China, the ZJU team, “Financial Geeks”, will represent the Greater China to compete in KMPG International Case Competition in Argentina next month. 

Different from the past, the competition focused more on innovation, with the theme of "what kind of innovation can help the disadvantaged improve their health and well-being?

In the competition, taking BGI as the client, “Financial Geeks” designed a scheme to improve the welfare of patients of rare diseases, made a disruptive innovation on its business model, and produced the video... Relying on big data, the team showed a set of wonderful plans to assist diagnosis and treatment with genetic information.

In the competition, the innovative spirit and rigorous logic, solid professional quality, excellent teamwork and excellent English speaking skills, as well as the concern for social pain points and sense of responsibility of ZJU students impressed the judges. As one of the judges and the instructor of the ZJU team, Dr. LIU Qigui from the School of Management of Zhejiang University believes that this is the key for them to win this time. “This is also inseparable from the ZJU’s emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship education”, Dr. LIU said. 

Ren Yiming, Financial Management student from School of Management of Zhejiang university, as one of the team member, was mainly responsible for business model design, financial model building and the analysis of market environment during the competition. He acted as the CEO of the target enterprise in the presentation and made a detailed analysis of the market environment of rare diseases and the life difficulties faced by patients.


REN Yiming, Financial Management student, School of Management, Zhejiang University

For the award, Ren Yiming said he was encouraged and honored to represent Zhejiang University, the School of Management. "I am especially grateful to the professors and the School of Management for the great efforts they have made to support the competition, which has laid an important foundation for us to win the championship." Speaking of the upcoming global finals and future study, he said that he would continue to study hard with such a strong spirit, learn professional knowledge and solid abilities in all aspects. “In the global finals, we will continue to show the spirit of the world-class university and the world-class school of management.”