Incoming Exchange
Exchange programs provide opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students from our global partners to study at ZJU for one or two semesters. Students will be fully integrated into ZJU life and have access to all campus resources and services during their stay at ZJU.

Apart from semester-exchange, students can also choose to participate in our 3-week intensive but stimulating “idea explorer” Global Summer Camp and have an enriching summer in the most entrepreneurial region of China.
Dates and Deadlines

fall winter semester (Sep.-Jan.): April 15th

spring summer semester (Feb.-Jul.): October 15th


fall winter semester (Sep.-Jan.): May 1st

spring summer semester (Feb.-Jul.): November 1st

Important Dates
Fall/Winter Semester 2020-2021
Fall Quarter 2020: September 10-November 20
Registration & Orientation

September 10

*  Registration at International College may take place ahead of September 10

Quarter Dates September 14-November 12
Examinations November 16-20
Winter Quarter 2020: November 23-January 19
Quarter Dates

November 23-January 19

Examinations January 20-28
Transcript Issued at the beginning of the next spring/summer semester
Winter Vacation: January 29-February 25
Spring/Summer Semester 2019-2020
Spring Quarter 2021: February 26-May 2 
Registration & Orientation

February 26

* Registration at International College may take place ahead of February 26

Quarter Dates March 1-April 26
Examinations April 27-May 2
Summer Quarter 2021: May 3-July 8
Quarter Dates

May 3-June 29

Examinations June 30-July 8
Transcript Issued at the beginning of the next fall/winter semester
How to Apply


Students be officially nominated by home institution prior to submitting the online application to ZJU-SOM

*Note: nomination is not a guarantee of acceptance by ZJU-SOM

Application Materials

①Photocopy of passport valid at least six months into the future upon completion of exchange

②Application Form signed by applicant and approved by home university coordinator

③Submit online Application for Admission to Zhejiang University via, print and sign it (when selecting the preference for your study plan at ZJU, choose School of Management)

④Transcript of the most recent one academic year

⑤Physical Examination Form

*Materials listed above need to be sent by email in ONE PDF file, to our exchange program coordinator—Ms. HUANG Yuting via

Admission Notice

Admission Notice will be sent to the home university coordinators:
• at the beginning of July for fall winter semester
• at the beginning of January for spring summer semester

Free Mover

Freemovers are students who organize studies at ZJU-SOM on their own and who are not part of exchange programs offered by the School.

Please contact International Cooperation and Accreditation Office first for more information.

Practical Information