Currently, the school has a total number of forty thousand alumni. To offer our alumni a good platform for communication, cooperation and resource integration, the school has sponsored a variety of organizations, including the ZJU Management School Alumni Association (with four sub-branches in Hangzhou; Wenzhou; Beijing and Shenzhen), the ZJU EMBA Club and the ZJU MBA Club.

The Alumni Office at the school developed the alumni database. They issue the e-newsletter of “the Letter from Home at Zijin” and the alumni newsletter to exchange information with alumni. The school maintain a constant connection with the alumni through e-mails, website and microblog system.

The school's been making its efforts to provide the alumni and their companies with all kinds of services, such as cooperation and reunions of alumni, lifelong learning, recruitment, training, consulting and brand promotion. Every year the school holds a special job fair of alumni's companies. The alumni are also invited to get engaged in the school's activities such as making development strategies, teaching, thesis supervision, company mentor, internship base and international accreditation.

The alumni have donated various funds for the development of the school in the areas of talent cultivation, academic research, talent introduction, international exchange, alumni services, career development, student associations, financial aid, rewarding, and infrastructure construction. For example, Mr. Heming WANG, Chairman of COSMOS Group, donated 35million RMB, and Mr. Pengfei ZHANG, Chairman of Modern United, donated 100 million RMB for the construction of the school's new buildings on Zijingang Campus.

May 21st is the Anniversary Day of Zhejiang University and the Homecoming Day for the school's alumni. On this day each year, the school invites and arranges all its alumni to get together on campus to enjoy the festive events.